Potential Employers Tracker

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Do you track companies that you’re interested in?

I maintain a Notion page where I track companies that have caught my eye!

✅ In my previous job searches, some of my best luck in securing interviews was when I closely tracked the job openings of companies that I found interesting.

✅ I’d check their jobs/careers page often.

The job compilation sites like Glassdoor and Google are great, but guess what…everyone else is using them!

And guess what? Not all companies show up on these sites!

This is why I keep a list of companies that I would potentially be interested in working for someday.

Even if you’re like me and you’re not currently job searching, I believe it’s important to maintain this list whenever you come across an interesting company!

❌ Don’t wait until you’re on the job hunt to look for companies you’re interested in.

➡️ See a cool company mentioned in an article? Add them to your list!

➡️ See someone doing cool things at a company on LinkedIn? Add them to your list!

✅ One of my favorite parts of my tracker is the formula column that automatically generates a Google Search for careers at the company!

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You'll get a free Notion template to help you track potential employers!

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Potential Employers Tracker

10 ratings
I want this!